Monday, August 9, 2010

Hankering for Fall

Hello friends. How are you? Do you have sort of a restless itch for fall, like me? As summer begins to fade a little and the days aren't quite as hot (at least where I live), I start thinking about autumn and cool days and what sort of yummy stews and crisps I might like to make. These gorgeous photos by photographer Rachel Whiting just add to the hankering, don't you think?

The warm color palette of this bedroom along with the giant comfy-looking bed, throw and nightstand have a very October-ish coziness to them.

For my next place of residence I would like an apple tree from which I may hang a chandelier.
I will have harvest parties and serve cider and of course you're invited.

What about you? Do you have a  hankering for fall?

(P.S. Stop by tomorrow 'cause I've got a lovely fallish giveaway for you!)


  1. Oh yes...I am hankering too my friend...BIG TIME...I adore fall so much.
    Bring on the cozies...candles and sweaters. sigh!!!!

  2. love the picture with the apple tree and the chandelier! and yes as we talked about yesterday, I am so ready for Fall and some Apple Crisp, a Sweater and a pair of boots!

  3. i'm not quite ready to say goodbye to summer because i love the warm weather and all that comes with it, but i do love me some fall. cider mills, cinnamon donuts, cozy sweaters, the sound of crunching leaves, love it all!

  4. I hear you, I'm gearing up for Fall also. I don't like the heat so much and the colours and of Autumn are so comfortable. :)


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