Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday! Let's Go Rummage!

This is just the sort of sign that would make me hit the brakes as I drive by or pull a wild u-turn. Crap? Where?! And this will be me today as I do my usual Friday morning estate sale run. I am in need of some vintage jewelry as well as other essentials for my biz so it's always justifiable!

Are you prone to stop for a garage sale, estate sale, thrift store or random piece of furniture on the side of the road on your way to some other place entirely and even if you don't really have time? Please tell me I'm not alone. (And have a lovely weekend friends!)


  1. lol, yes! For me its chairs. I love chairs. I collect them.

  2. You are not alone sweet one...hope you find all your treasures!!! I think I will use those words on my sign at my next yard sale. Crap! Love it. xoxoxo

  3. MMM TO TA LL Y. PU L L ED . THA T . ON E . 2 D AY S AG O : ) W IS H . I . ST I LL . H A D. F RID A Y S. F OR . TH AT : S HAHA

  4. You know I have the fever, sister!

  5. i haven't been estate/rummage/garage saleling in at least a month! you've inspired me to get up early and go before work on friday! :)


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