Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Garden Goodies

Tonight my friend Meg brought me a lovely little brown bag full of gorgeous tomatoes from her garden. Thank you Meg. What a perfect late summer surprise. Now I'm thinking about tomatoes and what yummy things we can make with them. Just look at this beautiful tomato tart from Cannelle et Vanille:

This crust is gluten-free and the crumbly topping contains almonds and parmesean cheese. Mmmmm.

(all photos via cannelle et vanille)

Have you scored some local late summer produce or are you lucky enough to have a friend who has bestowed upon you a little brown bag of home grown goodness? What sort of fruits and veggies are you enjoying right now?


  1. Last year I received Pounds and Pounds of home grown tomatoes from Nebraska. That was so lovely! I got some delicious Colorado peaches at the market on Sunday... Haven't had such a good peach in a long time!

  2. mmm i love tomatoes! my mom-in-law brought me a bag full of large cherry tomatoes from her friend's garden this weekend! already gone! :)

  3. Pretty pictures. Veggies always look so appealing.


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