Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Greetings

Today, I'm taking my own advice and heading up into the mountains to spend some time with my visiting sister, brother-in-law and my oh-so-darling little nephews. The fam has been hanging out in the Rockies for several days and they head back home on Saturday, so it's Carpe Diem Friday! I'm going to savor every moment with my dear little lads. There will giggling, tickling, playing and lots of general merriment. If only I had a sweet retro bus-wagon like the one in the picture to cart Little B and Baby P around in, we'd really have ourselves a good time.

I hope whatever you do today, you can be with the ones you love!


  1. Hey I am off a wee bit of a road trip with my family. Have fun my friend..see you next week. oxoxoxo

  2. mmm...the mountains sound so refreshing right now. :)

  3. aww how fun! family is the best :) hope you're enjoying your time with them! i so wish we lived near mountains!

    i'm actually husband-less tonight but i'm using this time to catch up on etsy stuff (and blogging, obviously). it's good to have some alone time, once in awhile :)


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