Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Tasty Summer Treat

Who doesn't love a refreshing, fruity bit of heaven on a stick? I've always been one to choose a fruity treat over a chocolaty one (don't get me wrong, this girl loves her chocolate too!) but I think these gorgeous, all natural and organic pops from Viva Pops would take a fruit-loving palette like mine to a whole new level. Just look at these flavor choices:

 ~ Strawberry Rhubarb Ginger
~ Lavender Lemonade
~ Salted Caramel
~ Nectarine Basil
~ Pear Vanilla Rose
~ Apricot Lemongrass
~ Mexican Chocolate


Me oh my! And that's only a sampling of what they have to offer! Sadly, I must also tell you that Viva Pops is located in San Diego and one must make their way to the Viva Pops shop to get a taste of these frozen gems. I speak as if I've tried them. But with such lovely flavors and all locally purchased ingredients, they HAVE to be good. Road trip anyone?


  1. Can't get enough of these yummy treats my friend...xoxoxo Hugs for a great day. xoxo

  2. Oh I was reading in anticipation thinking I could get them here somewhere! Road trip? Lets go! Those look amazing!

  3. i already want to go to San Diego (all the time. love it there.) now i REALLY want to go!

  4. yum - those flavors sound delicious and plus they are so pretty! you should try making some of your own popsicles!


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