Monday, August 23, 2010

Spaces to Inspire: Thomas O'Brien

Greetings and good Monday to you friends. To get the week started on a homey note, let's take a peek at the cozy, masculine and classic interiors of Thomas O'Brien. Perhaps you've come across his products at Target or seen his work in Domino magazine (sniff) or other publications. I wish I could throw out my love of pink and robin's egg and just go with the grays, caramels and smokey blues employed above. I'm sure I could live happily with them and I know my husband would appreciate a lessening of the girly quotient too...

I like the way he layers pieces and incorporates old and new. It gives his spaces a real and comfortable quality - not too show home-y, you know?

What say you? Could you move in to a space like this? Do you struggle with keeping a balance between masculine and feminine in your home decor? Does your man care? Do tell!


  1. hello! I love this post! I love all these rooms! Yes, you know how girly I am but these rooms are lovely! I do love my splash of pink and robins egg here and there. i just don't think we can be without a bit more girlyness here and there. In photos 1,2 and 4, I see a bit of myself in there!

  2. i love that brown velvet couch!


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